FehrWater meets all of your residential water needs. Our rural customers appreciate having their pools, cisterns, hot tubs and ice rinks filled quickly without over taxing their wells. Our urban customers enjoy the savings on town water and sewage charges by counting on us to meet their bulk water needs.

With a truck capacity of 15,000 litres per load, we are able to deliver whatever it takes to satisfy your needs.

Pools Whether you have an above ground pool, an in ground pool, a round, rectangular or kidney shaped pool...we’ve filled them all and would be happy to fill yours as well!
Hot Tubs Hot tubs are meant to be enjoyed all year-round! Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, we’ll fill your hot tub with fresh, clean water.
Cisterns FehrWater is able to meet your household water needs by filling your cistern year-round with fresh, clean water.
Ice Rinks In the winter, keep the kids busy and happy with Canada’s national pastime and favourite sport! If you build it, we’ll fill it!
Wells We’re Mother Nature’s back up! In dry times, call us to top up your well with fresh, clean water.
Farm Applications Delivery of fresh, clean water to your farm to support crop spraying or any other application you may require.
Mobile Sanitation Support Water delivery to construction sites or other locations using mobile or temporary sanitation systems that require an ongoing fresh water supply.
Well Driller Support Water delivery to drilling locations of new wells.
New Sod Watering Water delivery to locations with newly laid sod to assist with irrigation needs.

FehrWater delivers fresh, clean water to the following locations:

  • Aylmer
  • Belmont
  • Brownsville
  • Courtland
  • Harrietsville
  • Ingersoll
  • London
  • Lyons
  • Mossley
  • Mount Elgin
  • Otterville
  • Port Burwell
  • Port Stanley
  • Richmond
  • Springfield
  • Springford
  • St. Thomas
  • Straffordville
  • Tillsonburg
  • Union
  • Verschoyle
  • Vienna

If your community is not listed above, feel free to call us for a delivery quote – we’ll do our best to meet your needs.